Abhijit Minhas PT, BPT, MS, CMP, FMT

I earned my bachelors in physiotherapy in 2009 from DY Patil, Pune and Masters in exercise physiology from Long Island University, Brooklyn, New York. I am currently working as a physical therapist in an outpatient facility in New York City. I gravitate towards manual therapy and I am certified in the Mulligan Concept. This blog embodies not just my current thoughts on best practices and techniques I learn or discover here in the USA but current state of our profession in General.

7 thoughts on “Abhijit Minhas PT, BPT, MS, CMP, FMT”

  1. Hi sir! This is Lehar here.
    I have done my bachelors from Seth GSMC and Kem Hospital and I am looking forward to pursue my masters in USA.
    I recently heard about masters in ex physiology/kinesiology/biomechancics.
    I would really like to know about exercise kinesiology if you could help. Your other blogs have helped a lot. Thanks đŸ™‚


    1. Hi lehar I’m glad you liked the blog. You could help me by spreading the word about this blog. Now did you write this before or after reading my latest blog post. I talk about masters in the US. If you haven’t, it might answer some of your questions. If you have something specific let me know.


  2. Nice blog sir .
    Can u please guide me about ms exercise physiology at the university you pursued. Does it require a gre score?


  3. After pursuing the exercise physiology programme . How tough was it to pass the NPTE exam . I have heard it’s quite tough . I am student from Delhi and the standard of education is not good . So not confident at all of clearing the NPTE with my bachelors education . Does a masters degree in PT from LLU or UIndy make the process of passing the exam more easy as we will be studying PT as our main curriculum and not exercise physiology .


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