About Me

About Me

I am a physiotherapist with over 10+ years of experience spanning over 3 countries. I completed my bachelor’s of physiotherapy from India before moving to New York City to pursue my master’s in exercise science. After having practiced physical therapy in NY for about 4 years, I relocated to Ottawa, Canada and have now been working in different outpatient settings since 2019. Back when I was a young physio student and a new professional, I always felt a lack of mentorship/guidance while traversing the path in the world of rehab.

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My Experience

During my masters, I stumbled upon the world of physiotherapy blogging and started reading the works of some physio heavyweights, and found my mentors without having met them through their writing. This set me on a path to delve deeper into the world of physiotherapy to get a better understanding of my craft and share my knowledge in the form of my blogs. I have been writing since 2014 with the hope that it may help provide some direction to younger physiotherapists who felt what I felt when I first entered the field- overwhelmed and unsure. Having said all this, the core principle underlying my professional life has not really changed over the years. I am passionate about helping people recover from pain and injury.

What People Say

Dear Abhijit, Congratulations for you wonderful blog. Though I am also a writer, I could not imagine that someone can put such a wonderful topic in the storytelling style. I can see a great writer inside you who is gonna rock the world and gonna bring a huge change in the field of Medical Writing. God bless you.
Dr. K Sharma
Excellent physio, I saw Abhijit for rehabilitation for a proximal humerus fracture. He is very personable and knowledgeable about physiology and I am making very good progress in my recovery thanks to him.
Cathy Webb
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