Radial Nerve Testing and Neurodynamics

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I made a video on Radial Nerve neurodynamics based on my experiences in my office seeing a few patients coming in with pain in the posterior aspect of the arm and lateral aspect of the elbow (common extensor origin) area broadly. When I see those areas my mind gravitates towards pattern recognition and this pattern directs me to assess the radial nerve first. I test dermatomes, myotomes, reflexes, special tests etc. I made a video of one of those ULTT’s along with some radial nerve neurodynamics. Hope you find this helpful.

(PS- this video is part of a full online neck program series that I am working on. Its the biggest project i have undertaken since I started writing this blog back in 2014. I will try and cover most aspects of neck pain in terms of physio assessment and treatments that I utilize in my own practice. Feel free to reach out on my facebook or instagram accounts to chat with me about the program more).

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